Our E-Learning Vision

  • To share skills and knowledge with Primary Care Clinicians globally;
  • To produce low cost, high quality continuing professional development (CPD) in an accessible audio format;
  • To enable our students to bring the latest clinical and diagnostic skills to their patients.

The WHO recognises 'the exponential progress in technology, diagnostic tools and treatment methods as well as changing population demographics and disease burden, makes updating and maintaining the knowledge and skills of health workers throughout their professional life more important than ever.’

WHO Transforming and scaling up health professionals’ education and training, education guidelines 2013 chapter 4 recommendations, CPD for health professionals

How it Works

Our audio modules offer a low cost, high quality, solution to the problem of providing continuing professional development, CPD, Primary Care Clinicians worldwide. Our modules are:

  • Downloadable (to phone, tablet or computer) so you can learn offline wherever you are;
  • Up to date with the latest clinical developments;
  • Developed by Doctors with extensive experience of the challenges faced by Primary Care Clinicians;
  • Designed to be combined into custom made courses for groups of users to provide a comprehensive CPD program;
  • Developed with your input creating topics based on your feedback and requirements.

We monitor your progress and issue a certificate of your achievement.

'Very educative..I will manage Community Acquired Pneumonia well…I was kind of mismanaging…' Mutale Mukupa 

Dr Fran Fieldhouse talks to Dr Monica Bulger

from 30,000 Hours podcast