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    2. Our Aims

    3. Module 36: Novel Coronavirus -a year on

    4. Test your learning: Novel Coronavirus

    5. Rate this Module: Novel Coronavirus

    6. Transcript of Module 36: Novel Coronavirus- a year on

    7. WHO publication: Clinical Management of Covid-19: Living guidance: updated 25/01/2021

    8. Isolation diagram

    1. Prevention and myth busters

    2. Test your learning : Coronavirus Prevention and Myth Busting

    3. Rate this Module: Coronavirus: Prevention and Myth busting

    4. Transcript of Prevention and Myth busting to download

    1. PPE requirements

    2. WHO Recommended PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak according to setting, personnel and type of activity

    3. Recommended PPE poster (UK)

    4. Donning and Doffing videos

    5. Test Your Learning: Coronavirus: PPE requirements

    6. Rate this Module: Coronavirus PPE requirements

    7. Transcript of PPE Requirements to download

    1. High risk patients, drug dilemmas and HIV

    2. Test your learning: high risk patients, drug dilemmas and HIV

    3. Rate this Module: High risk patients, drug dilemmas and HIV

    4. Transcript of High risk patients, drug dilemmas and HIV to download

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    1. Update on Coronavirus: Asymptomatic 'carriers' and testing

    2. Rate this Module: Update on Coronavirus 16/04/2020

    3. Transcript of of Asymptomatic 'carriers' and testing

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