Audio modules

Our audio modules cover a wide range of topics which have been chosen through feedback from our Clinician users. Each module is approximately 30 minutes, packed full of information. A transcript is attached with helpful tables and images depending on the topic. There is a compulsory test of knowledge on completion. Every module equates to 1 hour of CPD allowing time for reflection and time to put new ideas into practice.

Each module covers:

  • A condition and its prevalence;
  • How it presents clinically, with examples;
  • Investigations, treatment and outcomes;
  • Our experiences and helpful tips.

Our modules range from revisiting examination skills to Non Communicable Diseases and Women's health. 

We constantly develop new modules and update them when new medical information becomes available, allowing you to bring the latest clinical knowledge and skills to your practice.


We tailor-make CPD Courses for groups of users according to learning needs: be it Women's Health or Cardiovascular. We can provide CPD to thousands of Clinicians within a country/region, allowing standardised learning and attainment of CPD points. Our site generates certification and can help with monitoring.

Single modules can also be purchased by individuals, with certificates.


We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible. The price includes a year's access to the audio modules, notes, quizzes and discussion board. Plus CPD points and certificate. We think it's great value. We will discount the price for bulk sign-ups, so do contact us to discuss your requirements:

Accredited provider of CPD by Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council

Official provider of CPD to the Gacopa Conference, Kigali,  2020


“Very educative especially that its interactive and has some personal experiences. ”

Akende Wina

“Well that’s a very interesting presentation, I like it and I have been reminded of some things I forgot about community acquired pneumonia thanx once more ”

Harrision Mbao

“Wow, was just listening to the cardiac history and I loved it especially where doc was summarising what the patient had said at every new complaint...I will be using this technique, pt feels u r really paying attention to them...can't wait for the examination podcast...thanks doc... ”

Eric Mulenga

“Indeed the podcast is very helpful. Reminding us the importance of regular BP check during Antenatal care. ”

Jonathan Tapalu

“Thanks for sharing. Personally I look forward to more of these presentations. I find them very helpful. ”

Joan Muyaya

“I have listened to the modules…fantastic… ”

Mutale Mukupa