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    GACOPA CPD Course

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    • Measles

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    Ectopic pregnancy

    • Ectopic pregnancy

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    Primary Hypertension

    • Primary Hypertension

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    GACOPA conference 2020 presentation

    • GACOPA Presentation on Stroke

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Kigali 2020

We were delighted  to attend the 2nd annual Gacopa conference in Kigali. Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills,  gave us the warmest welcome and the event was superbly organised by the hard working Gacopa team. Delegates travelled across the world, from Malaysia, Ethiopia, USA and all across Africa with a huge Kenyan contingent. Lively discussion and fascinating presentations made it an event to remember. We're leaving the cpd course here, delegates please feel free to refer your friends for a trial.